How can our Office add­in products work for you?

CtrlDesigner offers a suite of add­in tools for Microsoft Office. These tools are specifically designed for two categories of Microsoft Office users:

For the first category, we offer Affinity Diagram for Excel™, SQC for Excel™, Scenario for Excel™ and Project for Excel™ add-in family and for the second category, we offer Extractor for Excel™, MOC for Excel™, Data Consolidator for Excel™, Excel to R Convertor™ and R Scenarios Builder™ add-in family.

In addition to the add-ins, we also offer consultancy and training in the following areas:

Affinity Diagram for Excel

A comprehensive big data analysis of an operating plant using Excel and R. It provides evaluation of

  • Develop Header, Idea, Comments and Web Link information
  • Build the Affinity Diagram
  • Re-group Headers, Ideas
  • Re-build the Affinity Diagram

SQC for Excel

A Step by step work process to adopt the ISA-18 and EEMUA standards in an Operation Plant

  • X-bar, Range, Moving Range, Individual, S, X, Moving charts
  • EWMA, CUSUM and Trend charts
  • P, nP, u and c control charts
  • Partial Component Analysis (PCA)

Scenario for Excel

It provides Excel users with a tool to change selected cells in a selected workbook and collect the results automatically.

  • Select cells to change, with their minimum, maximum and rate of change
  • Select the results cells
  • Execute the program
  • Review the result matrix with all combination of variables and result

Project for Excel

It provides Excel users with a tool to design, develop and manage a Project within the Excel environment. This will reduce training cost to learn yet another program. The program can be used to generate the following charts:

  • PERT - Program Evaluation and Review Technique
  • CPM – Critical Path Method

Extractor for Excel

It provides Excel users with a tool to extract data and store it in another workbook. . The program can be used to do the following:

  • Select one or more  workbooks
  • Generate list of fields
  • Select definition fields and data fields
  • Generate workbooks with selected data

MOC for Excel

It provides Excel users with a tool to generate differences between Excel workbooks. It is the only product on the market to provide Excel users with Management Of Change (MOC) for Excel workbooks.

  • Select one or more  workbooks
  • Compare cell by cell
  • Generate MOC reports

Customer Support

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