How Our Services Could Work For You?

CtrlDesigner offers a suite of services to improve the design, development, implementation and optimization of an industrial plant process control. These services are specifically designed for two categories: For the first category, we offer Plant Assessment, Alarm Optimization and State Based Control Design family of products will enable the user to identify and improve the plant performance and for the second category, we offer a week long course Industrial Process Control and Control Designer package to develop State Based Control utilizing the state of the art process control design tool to generate User Requirement Specification (URS) and Functional Requirement Specification (FRS). Finally the Control Builder will convert the FRS to Detailed Design Specification (DDS) to build Process Control Application.

Plant Assessment

A comprehensive big data analysis of an operating plant using Excel and R. It provides evaluation of

  • Data Collection
  • Operability Performance
  • Controllability Performance
  • Control Loop Performance

The goal is to improve the current production by 3% to 5%.

Alarm Optimization

A Step by step work process to adopt the ISA-18 and EEMUA standards in an Operation Plant

  • Define Alarm Philosophy
  • Establish Baseline and Performance Metrics
  • Rationalize Alarms
  • Validate Alarm Settings
  • Define Alarm Priority
  • Rationalize Alarm Priority
  • Report the Compliance with ISA-18 Requirements

State Based Control Design

A step by step work process to implement the ISA-106 Procedural Automation for Continuous Operation.

  • Review ISA-106 Models
  • Divide Plant into ISA-106 Models
  • Develop Operational Trend for each Plant Area
  • Develop Operational Trend for selected Units
  • Develop the following for selected Units:
    • Mode of Operation
    • States (Steps)
    • State to State transitions

Industrial Process Control Course

A 5 days process control course to enable participants to understand and capable to design (is being taught at McMaster for last 10 years SEP-751).

  • Process Dynamic
  • Feedback Control
  • Enhanced Feed Back Control
  • State Based Control
  • Operating Trend
  • State Based Control of Mixing Tank
  • Distillation Column Control
    • Simple Simulation of Binary Distillation
    • Evaluation of Degree of Freedom and RGA
    • Most Responsive Temperature (MRT)
    • Controller Selection (SRDB)
  • State Based Control of Distillation Column
    • Define URS
    • Define FRS
      • Input / Output Assignment
      • Define Steps and Transitions
      • Assign AO to Control Modules
      • Assign DO to Control Modules
      • Assign Enablement for All CMs
      • Generate FRS Report

Control Designer

It provides users with a set of tools and work processes to develop the User Requirement Specifications (URS) and Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS) based on ISA-106 for each Unit Module (UM).

  • Define Inputs and Outputs (IO)
  • Assign Control Module (CM) to IO
  • Define Steps and Transition and review Sequence Flow Chart (SFC)
  • Define Control Strategy for AO and DO Utilizing CM Liberary
  • Project Development
  • Industrial Examples
  • Control Builder

    It provides users with a set of tools and work processes to develop the Detailed Design Specifications (DDS) based on Control Designer for each Unit Module (UM).

    • Map the Functional CM Module to the Selected Process Control Computer
    • Finalize Alarm Set points
    • Finalize the Controller Definitions
    • Review the Interaction Matrix
    • Build Process Control UM/EM/CM code

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