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About Us

Leading Provider of Process Control Design Software and Work Processes

Located in Boston, Massachusetts USA, and Toronto Canada, Ctrl Designer (“Control ­ Designer”) is a data mining and process control software company. We provide Excel add-ins software solutions for data analysis, project planning, process control implementation as well as the conversion of big data from the web to Excel and then to R.

Our mission is to empower our clients with competitive edge software to convert their data to results to improve their productivity.

CTRL Designer is a leading provider of ISA106 work processes and tools to develop state-based control.

CTRL Designer’s software portfolio and work processes help process control engineers develop overall process control design and then convert it automatically to the selected control system code. These solutions allow users to make faster and smarter decisions to improve safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.


Our Products

CTRL Designer is a leader in providing process control work processes and software using Microsoft Platform.

Founded in 1991 (BaRaN Systems), the company provides consulting, complete process control design and development based on ISA106 procedural control, specialized software development to convert the standard operating procedures (SOP) to DDS (Detailed Design Specification), The following Services are provided:

  • Industrial Plant Assessment (IPA)
  • State-Based Control (SOP>FRS>DDC)
  • Automatic Code Maker (ACM)(DDS>Code)
  • Industrial Process Control Course (SEP751)
  • Quality Control (ME518)

Our Services

CTRL Designer LLC (CDL) provides a comprehensive step-by-step workflow to implement procedural automation:

  • CDL Tools for Excel™: A set of Microsoft Excel program
  • ISA106 Implementation Guide: Being published on Amazon
  • ISA106 Work Process Implementation: Converting existing company work process 

ISA 106

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