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CTRL Designer is a leading provider of the SBC State-Based Control (Procedural Control) based on ISA-106 solutions to the process industries.

Its software portfolio and work processes help process control engineers to develop overall process control design and then convert it automatically to the selected control system code. These solutions allow users to make faster and smarter decisions to improve safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

  • DMAIC for Excel™
  • CDL Tool™
  • Industrial Plant Assessment™(IPA)
  • Automatic Code Make™ (ACM)

These tools are availabe as service or purchase product, we recommend to utlize these tools as a service (we work together to generate results, then purchase it)


DMAIC for Excel™

Utilizing the newly developed ISA106 and CTRL Designer Lean Six Sigma methodology, the existing company work process will be reviewed with the CTRL Designer ISA106 work processes. The following six sigma phases are applied:

  • Define: Develop the charter and identify the project goals
  • Measure: Collect existing company work processes to develop process automation.
  • Analyze: Compare CTRL Designer ISA106 and the company work process
  • Improve: Select and merge according to ISA106 work processes
  • Control: Implement the company work process and improve

SQC for Excel™

A collection of Excel based tools to

  • X-bar, Range, Moving Range, Individual, S, X, Moving charts
  • EWMA, CUSUM and Trend charts
  • P, nP, u and c control charts
  • Partial Component Analysis (PCA)

Scenario for Excel

It provides Excel users with a tool to change selected cells in a selected workbook and collect the results automatically.

  • Select cells to change, with their minimum, maximum and rate of change
  • Select the results cells
  • Execute the program
  • Review the result matrix with all combination of variables and result

Project for Excel

It provides Excel users with a tool to design, develop and manage a Project within the Excel environment. This will reduce training cost to learn yet another program. The program can be used to generate the following charts:

  • PERT – Program Evaluation and Review Technique
  • CPM – Critical Path Method

Extractor for Excel

It provides Excel users with a tool to extract data and store it in another workbook. . The program can be used to do the following:

  • Select one or more  workbooks
  • Generate list of fields
  • Select definition fields and data fields
  • Generate workbooks with selected data

MOC for Excel

It provides Excel users with a tool to generate differences between Excel workbooks. It is the only product on the market to provide Excel users with Management Of Change (MOC) for Excel workbooks.

  • Select one or more  workbooks
  • Compare cell by cell
  • Generate MOC reports

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