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CTRL Designer is a leading provider of SBC state-based control (procedural control) based on ISA106 solutions to the process industries.

Its software portfolio and work processes help process control engineers develop an overall process control design and convert it automatically to the selected control system code. These solutions allow users to make faster and smarter decisions to improve safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

The products are divided into phases:

  • P1- Industrial Plant Assessment™ (IPA)
  • P2- Level of Automation (LoA) [Service]
  • P3- Operating Trends for Excel™
  • P4- Standard Operating Procedure Analyzer™
  • P5-URS-to-FRS-Builder-for-Excel™
  • P6-FRS-Engine-for-Excel™ 
  • P7-ACM-Engine-for-Excel™

These tools are available as service or purchase product; we recommend utilizing them as a service (we work together to generate results, then purchase it)


P1-Industrial Plant Assessment™ (IPA)

The Industrial Plant Assessment (TM) is a set of R and Excel tools to analyze the plant performance utilizing the historical data (1-minute snapshot) to generate:

  • Data Reconciliation
  • Plant Operability Performance: Utilizing Principal Component Analysis applied to all Analog Inputs (AI) and Analog Outputs (AO) and then comparing them.
  • Plant Oscillation: Utilizing Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) convert the historical data to Frequency data, then identify oscitation clusters.
  • Control Loop Performance: Applying Oscillation analysis to P, PI, or PID controllers utilizing CDL indexing technology, each controller is classified as
    • Required Improvement
    • Normal
    • Excellent

P4-Standard Operating Procedure Analyzer™ (SOP)

A set of Excel Programs to:

  1. Convert Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to CDL pseudo code (p-Code)
  2.  Develop Step and Transition 
  3. Convert the p-Code to Step Actions
  4. Transfer the results to Industrial IT XML


A comprehensive set of tools to design state-based control for a plant (PA) and its associate (UM).

The purpose is to define URS for PA and its selected UM and then to generate the FRS files for each UM (BPCS and SIS) automatically. It consists of the following parts:

  • A1-Process-Description
  • A2-Process-Control-Objectives
  • A3-Level-of-Automation
  • A4-PA-UM-Process-Diagram
  • A5-Startup-Run-ShutDown (from OT)
  • B1-Instrumentations
  • B2-PA-UM-Definition
  • B3-UM-Limits


A comprehensive set of tools to design state-based control for a Unit (UM) and its associates (CM) and (CCM).

It consists of the following parts:

  • Definition
    • A1-Um-Desc
    • A2-UM-Diagram
    • A3-SOP
    • A4-Issues
  • Input-Output
    • B1-IO
    • B2-RootTags
    • B3-Calculation
    • B4-Alarms
    • B5-Code
  • Steps
    • C1-ModeOfOperation
    • C2-Steps
    • C3-Step-Diagram
    • C4-Step-Transitions
    • C5-CCM-Steps
    • C6-Drawing
    • C7-Code

P7-Autoatic-Code-Maker-Engine-for-Excel™ ACM

The All-Code Maker (ACM) is a tool to convert FRS data to code to be uploaded for the following DCS systems:

  1. Emerson, Delta V
  2. Honeywell
  3. ABB 800XA
  4. Industial IT

Brain Dump Planner for Excel™

Brain dump is a technique to transfer all the ideas, thoughts, and information in your head onto another medium, such as paper or a digital document. The primary purpose is to clear your mind, organize thoughts, and help with memory and concentration. It’s often used as a productivity tool or a stress-relief mechanism.

During a brain dump, you write down everything on your mind without filtering or organizing your thoughts. This can include tasks, worries, ideas, or any random thoughts. Afterward, you can sort through the information, prioritize tasks, and plan accordingly. This process can help reduce anxiety, improve focus, and facilitate better planning and problem-solving. It’s a simple yet effective way to manage mental overload and enhance productivity.


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